Tuesday, August 5, 2014

UiTM Penang

Omg yes finally after the end of diploma, I'm here writing about my previous uni. Yupp, guess why and what makes me to? I was scrolling few pictures on instagram and there's a friend of mine posted the picture of UiTMPP. So I was like okay, and yah okay. Hahaha

Its not the place that I miss. Its the memories created there. How horror my life was since the first semester and how lucky I am to be placed in the same place as zafri. And I'm so thankful for having him there since i don't really have to find my own class etc. He did every single thing to 'take care' of me since my parents suruh dia before start diploma lagii. He did a good job. Hehe tak sangat pun sebenarnya. Hahaha.

And those awesome people I met and yah I'm a kind of person that not good in making friends. I aint talkative, i dont even know how to start a conversation, i dont know how to socialize with other people. But these people, are the greatest. Thank you for every single thing. Like seriously.

I still remember how i cried every single night during the orientation week and i called my parents, friends and zafri like every single minute during that week eventhough those 'kakak kakak pm' keep on "letak phone tu dikk". I was like kesah apa aku, lari sekali sambil on the phone. Sampai free call aku 40 hours habis, zafri punya 40 hours pun habis, free sms pun habis, internet pun habis quota. Every morning masa lepas subuh, aku menangis je kerja nya. My parents keep on saying "seminggu jeee. Sabar sikit. Nanti zafri datang dah, okay la" And thank god few friends from highschool were in the same uni, and i dont really make friends pun the whole week, so berkepit dengan my old friends even we're not in the same course so some of the activities were seperated for each courses. And yess I survived! Hehe.

Yes, being apart with family wasn't really a good thing but the experience, haha i dont know the right word to explain it but yah good. Only god knows how hard it is masa tu tak ada duit and zafri and i was like makan kat foodcourt every single day and lauk yang sama. Jimat macam macam. Sampai makcik foodcourt dah kenal siap bagi makanan free. Tak, bukan sebab kitorang takde duit nak bayar, sebab dia nak habiskan lauk dia. Tapi bila ada duit sikit tak ingat dunia. Since dia drive pergi penang, panjang lagi kaki aku berjalan. Hari hari makan luar, siap breakfast lagi lunch dinner bagai. Lepas class je keluar. Tak pandang food court pun. Hahaha. Movie jangan cakap la, sampai habis semua cerita dah tengok. We had to wait for another week for new movies. Teruk betul. Balik tu takyah cakap lah. Almost every week balik.

But after he finished his diploma, aku jadi orang bosan gila duduk bilik. Sebab dah biasa keluar every single day, roomates housemates memang tak nampak aku kat bilik. Bila zafri takde, aku golek sana, golek sini. Hahaha. Tapi, berjaya jugak balik sorang sorang, naik cab naik prebet, boleh berdikari okay. Hahaha. But at first tu awkward gila beli nasi bungkus, sebab biasa tak makan bungkus, lepas tu makan kat bilik lagi la rasa pelik, lepas tu makan nasi foodcourt everyday. Tak ada breakfast sebab most of my lovely friends tak bangun awal. Hahaha. So aku belajar sekali tak breakfast tapi lunch before tengah hari. Hahaha. Every week je hilang terus balik. Tak every week sangat la, kalau ada test ke apa, tak balik la. Tapi the point of the story that i can stand on my own. Eheh not really. My friends helped like a lot. Seriously. No kidding.

Thanks for reading!

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