Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You say whaat?

So today I came across the talk about how the educational institutions affect the students. For instance, a good educational institution will produce good students in every aspects. I, somehow do not agree on this. I am one of the uitm students, well some of you may know, some may not that the uitm has always been labelled as a low class educational institution for those students from other universities. Lots of this kind of talks have gone viral and they always end up saying "lol uitm students pantang di usik". You know, no matter how good your institution is, the fact that they're still not able to educate your "kind" of students, trust me, you still have a long way to go sir. Being one of the university students that you are proud of, doesn't mean you're as good as the institution. They may be produced international level of students, but you're not one of them. Being the keyboard warrior will not ensure that you will even finish your study. Until you hold the the scroll, until u beat all the students you said aren't as good as you're, until you actually got the job, your talk is cheap. Oh boy, please. Those without the scroll are even more successful than you are now. They earn triple than you can. Don't discriminate people as you wish. You will never know how your life will end. *peace*


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Relationship goals?

It has been awhile. Hello !

So the "best boyfriend" topic is back on top again. And again, the same person. In my opinion, like its up to him to buy whatever he wants for his girlfriend. Stop with the "tah tah jodoh orang lain", "kalau tak kahwin tak tau la". I mean come on, eventhough the price of the phones is equivalent to the cost of the engagement ceremony, its not like those who already got engaged will for sure have their happy endings. *for some*. So like whatever, okay?

The problem is now with the girls. When a guy gives you a phone as a present, that is not a goal. Goal is what you're trying to achieve or to do. and expecting presents from guys is not a goal ! Be realistic girls ! What happened to the "intelligent", "brave", "successful", and "independent"? And relationship is not only guys treat girls. I dont do that kind of relationship. That shows how weak girls are. You need a phone? work for it, buy one for yourself. Just in case he gives you one, even how much it costs, be thankful. Thats it. What a shallow mind set you people have?! Relationship goals? Be faithful, and get married once you achieve all of your dreams. Or maybe kawin la awal kee tak kesah la, And of course, till jannah. Good family, with good kids, be happy with whatever you have, and be nice to each other. And travel the world. Experience things together. That is goal. Not getting a surprise on your birthday. That is called luck. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hello, everyone !

So an old friend of mine is officially married. And Zafri's also like few weeks ago. Its so nice to go to weddings and see these people are so happy being together. Like they've found their happiness ! Congratulations ! May god bless you all and good luck being together and be happy of course !

When i was looking at them, i was wondering what would make me to make that kind of decision because i am so not ready for that kind of commitment. You know, I've seen few people got married after school, and some are happily together and some decided to not stay together after few years of marriage. To be honest, I dont wanna take that risk. Because i only wanna get married once. And stay together till i die. Like its not gonna be forever, but i still wanna spend the rest of my life with my future husband of course. Friends keep on "bila nak kawin nii". I think the right answer is I'm still waiting for the moment like "this is it, this is what i want for the rest of my life and I'll do anything to work things out". And i have not yet found it.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Perempuan tudung pendek & singa lapar,

I saw this on twitter few days ago. To the guy who wrote this, I dont even know who you are, but I do not agree with apa yang kau cakap ke tulis ke or whatever. Okay first of all, I'm not perfect, like memang tak sempurna langsung. I admit it. I know, some girls, not all don't really cover up their aurat perfectly including me. Itu memang salah (I have to highlight this, nanti cakap aku sesat pulak), yes. like you said, pakai tudung pun ada yang tak tutup dada. Okay? But don't just put the blame on girls je. Because yes, all of you guys expect us to do our part and how about yours? I'm sorry but can't you guys just stop complaining on how girls pakai baju because you people yang lelaki la sangat tu have to take care of your own eyes jugak. I mean seriously? "macam kau tunjuk daging depan singa tengah lapar"? Sama kan diri dengan binatang? Nafsu kau macam binatang ke? And melancap? By just looking at photos? Dah tak ada kerja lain nak buat? Tengok gambar perempuan tak tutup dada pun cukup modal nak melancap? Sorry for my bad words, but seriously? (Not specifically to you, but to some guys yang kau cakap macam ni).

I have few friends yang pakai tudung tutup dada, baju besar and langsung tak nampak curve, and with socks and hand socks lagi. Yet they're still complaining on how guys pandang atas bawah while they're walking kat food court or mana mana lah. Why? Salah perempuan jugak? Aku sangat la tak puas hati pasal semua benda ni. And how some people commented on rape cases. "they're asking for it" siapa yang mintak nak kena rogol? and plus, kata lelaki, lelaki bukan kuat kat fizikal je tau tapi kat iman jugak. Baru nampak perempuan seksi dah naik nafsu? Oh lupa, kan macam singa lapar. Kau sebenarnya takyah nak cakap tak boleh ignore sangat, alih je mata tu, takyah nak macam singa sangat la. Sebab perempuan bukan nya bahan hiburan seks.

And to girls yang setuju sekali on how some guys yang treat women like this, wow. Kenapa? And kenapaaa? We both guys and girls kena la sama sama jaga diri masing masing. Jangan just blame on girls je. Just because you can simply call perempuan ni perempuan murah la, takde harga diri la, and just because we girls tak boleh nak label kan lelaki as lelaki murahan or tak ada harga diri, that doesn't mean lelaki selalu betul and mata tu boleh je tenung dada perempuan sesuka hati. Jangan bangga sangat menuding jari tunjuk salah orang. Aku bukan tak pernah berkawan dengan lelaki. Tau jugak la perangai yang kemain pandang perempuan macam baju perempuan tu transparent but expect nanti nak dapat wife solehah. Siap cakap "lelaki ni taknak wife dia seksi, biar dia je yang pandang. tapi suka tengok perempuan lain seksi" amboi statement.

And to girls, including me, try as hard as you can untuk tutup aurat perfectly. I know, aku tak bermini telekung and berpurdah ke, and bukan orang yang sesuai la nak cakap pasal tutup aurat perfectly ni, but my point here is bukan la semua lelaki macam singa lapar and bermodal kan gambar je kan, and tak boleh jugak nak salah kan lelaki je, still kita ada tanggungjawab sendiri and cuba la sedaya upaya. Itu jeeee. Andd jangan la kata dah memang lelaki, so tak boleh cakap dia tu pervert. Memang dah lumrah lelaki? Macam tuu?

**Aku tak kata perempuan boleh pakai apa je and lelaki kena tutup mata all the time, but aku just tak setuju on how lelaki blame girls sebab diorang naik nafsu. And jangan la sama kan lelaki dengan singa tu, singa tu tak berakal macam manusia. Plus, dah dia memang lapar, mesti la makan daging tu. Kalau tak makan, mati la dia. Kau nampak makanan time lapar pun kau makan. Nafsu boleh di kawal, bukan macam kau tengah laparrr. AND SEKALI LAGI, YES KAU BETUL PASAL TAK TUTUP AURAT TU, TUDUNG PENDEK NAMPAK DADA TU. (Kena capslock jugak, nanti tak memasal aku di kata tak tau pasal dosa pahala, pasal islam etc).

And post ni bukan la specifically untuk orang yang tulis notes tu, but to sapa sapa la yang terasa. Sebab aku nampak notes tu la terasa nak comment on this topic. Tak berpihak pada perempuan or lelaki, just comment aku and even islam pun kan ada je suruh lelaki jaga pandangan mata tuu. And YES PASAL TUDUNG TUTUP DADA JUGAK.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Semester break

Hello !

I'm now in the middle of semester break. So yes, the final exam has already ended. I had 5 papers only for final, out of 8 subjects kot. Tak ingat la. My very first paper was on the 2nd day of 2nd week of final exam and my last paper was on the 4th day of 3rd week. Awesome isnt it?

Went to Malacca for the 2nd time with Zaff. Thats how we kind of celebrate the end of final exams. And now I end up to be having movie marathons every single day which I am now almost run out of movies. Thanks to the fast internet connection, and popcorntime. Hahaha. So I might be having series marathons after this. Nope, I only go out at night, surprisingly. So sister was like "wow angah kat rumah". and mum was like "ye, malam je dia keluar. so tak rasa pun macam dia keluar".

I'm gonna register for L yeay ! And P after pass the L test. Like finally right. Because Zafri have to go for his practical and my friends were like "ambik laaa lesen Qilaaaaa". And I'll go for manual driving license ! Because then I'll have more cars to drive :b okay whatever.


Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 and the past,

Fuhh fuhhh. *habuk* Hahaha okay. Hi everyone!

Soo today is 30th of December 2014, well that means that we're almost there, till the end of the year. So yah, i guess you know what am I gonna write about. Of course about the new year and the years before.

You know, I always having problem with moving on. If something happens, I'll be stuck with the past for such a long time. It's sucks. Okay, so I think I wanna let go of this thing that I've been hold on since 4 years ago. You know, people always talk about ending the year and starting the new year with different people. Well I lost my very precious people in my life about 4 years ago.

Those who grew up with me know me, the real me. Who I am. And i was totally different back then. And I am so thankful for having them by my side. They'll always be there no  matter what. Even at my worst. I always wanna go back to school because the life was so much easier than now. I had my friends, true friends back then who willing to help without expecting anything back. I really don't know or I'm still figuring it out like what exactly happened until we're now no longer talking to each other.

I mean I don't know, we all just stop talking after school ended. And most them further studies overseas so we just stop talking. Not really suddenly stop talking, not without having major dramas of my life. So yah, I'm avoiding any dramas right now, in my life. And plus, what I've learned now, people can be two-faced or even infinity-faced. So no, thank you, I'm just too tired dealing with people. So I'm pretty much sure that I don't care about what drama you wanna create just don't mess with my life. Try someone else's. Okay?

So I started my diploma with my very own built high walls and I'm having problem with getting closer to people than they are right now. I'm okay with these best friends I still have in my life. We don't really contact with each other, we're just met or having our small reunion like after 4-10 years. And you guys know who you are. Thank you for still be there.

So to those who left, I am thankful for what we had been through, and thank you for everything, every tears of mine that you guys had to deal with, thank you for listening to my problems, thank you for sorting out my life, thank you for being my friends or best friends and just live your lives to the fullest because I'm pretty sure you guys are having the best of your lives right now, and just be happy and may you guys be successful in no matter what you're doing.

And to those who stay, thank you for staying and let's meet up sometime even we're having hard time to see each other because of different schedules and in different countries and region or states. May you guys will always be happy and take care of yourselves aight! And to new friends, hi! I don't know what else to write.

And here to new year and me not holding on to the past no more. I am now officially letting go of what had happened! Yeaymee, like finally -_-

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Hello it's me!
Okay I know I said that I'm gonna delete the blog but maybe later. Hahaha. Okay so today I cleaned up the room because I'm gonna move in to the other room which is my very own room, which bring me to the part where I can decorate my own room without have to ask my sister can we do this and that. Hahahaha okay. So yah, while went through my stuff, I found few boxes which I keep until now because it's the presents from Zafri. Hehe.

So yah, my very first birthday that we celebrated together was back to 2010. He came to my house in the middle of the night, which he planned it with my brother. I really was surprised. He gave me a handbag that I keep in the other bag because it's been so long so it's kinda break apart. But I didn't throw it away because I don't want to even it's not in a good condition.

And then he gave me a perfume for our one year anniversary, which he left it in my bag because he had to go back to penang. And guess what I really found it on the right day and not realized it was there. The perfume, that I still keep until now because my kind of bad habit is, I don't use up all the perfume till it finishes. I'll leave it like 2 ml and keep the bottle up till now.

Next, he bought me a phone for my next birthday.

Yupp this one. I still have the phone even it's broken, kind of broken. But I still keep it. And the box too!

Next, we both paid to buy this.

Because it was a thing at that moment. So yah it's ours!

And this one, was the present he gave me back to 2011. I still love it and still use it.

I mean there's more but this gonna be a hell long post then. Haha. This bring me to a part where those girls who wish their boyfriend or whoever special in their life to buy expensive stuff for them, and even some said "every guy should learn so much from him". I know it makes you happy, it makes me happy to receive these kind of presents, but you can't make them to buy those stuff for you, it's up to them. Because we all have been through ups and downs which we don't really afford to buy expensive stuff to make you happy. But with even the smallest thing like belanja makan pun is enough. You should be happy to have them in your life and not because they give you things. You know what I mean right? I mean it's kind of advantage to receive presents etc but ig we stop receiving stuff from them, don't be like "why?!". Just be happy they're now yours. That would be enough. Okay?