Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 and the past,

Fuhh fuhhh. *habuk* Hahaha okay. Hi everyone!

Soo today is 30th of December 2014, well that means that we're almost there, till the end of the year. So yah, i guess you know what am I gonna write about. Of course about the new year and the years before.

You know, I always having problem with moving on. If something happens, I'll be stuck with the past for such a long time. It's sucks. Okay, so I think I wanna let go of this thing that I've been hold on since 4 years ago. You know, people always talk about ending the year and starting the new year with different people. Well I lost my very precious people in my life about 4 years ago.

Those who grew up with me know me, the real me. Who I am. And i was totally different back then. And I am so thankful for having them by my side. They'll always be there no  matter what. Even at my worst. I always wanna go back to school because the life was so much easier than now. I had my friends, true friends back then who willing to help without expecting anything back. I really don't know or I'm still figuring it out like what exactly happened until we're now no longer talking to each other.

I mean I don't know, we all just stop talking after school ended. And most them further studies overseas so we just stop talking. Not really suddenly stop talking, not without having major dramas of my life. So yah, I'm avoiding any dramas right now, in my life. And plus, what I've learned now, people can be two-faced or even infinity-faced. So no, thank you, I'm just too tired dealing with people. So I'm pretty much sure that I don't care about what drama you wanna create just don't mess with my life. Try someone else's. Okay?

So I started my diploma with my very own built high walls and I'm having problem with getting closer to people than they are right now. I'm okay with these best friends I still have in my life. We don't really contact with each other, we're just met or having our small reunion like after 4-10 years. And you guys know who you are. Thank you for still be there.

So to those who left, I am thankful for what we had been through, and thank you for everything, every tears of mine that you guys had to deal with, thank you for listening to my problems, thank you for sorting out my life, thank you for being my friends or best friends and just live your lives to the fullest because I'm pretty sure you guys are having the best of your lives right now, and just be happy and may you guys be successful in no matter what you're doing.

And to those who stay, thank you for staying and let's meet up sometime even we're having hard time to see each other because of different schedules and in different countries and region or states. May you guys will always be happy and take care of yourselves aight! And to new friends, hi! I don't know what else to write.

And here to new year and me not holding on to the past no more. I am now officially letting go of what had happened! Yeaymee, like finally -_-

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