Saturday, November 22, 2014


Hello it's me!
Okay I know I said that I'm gonna delete the blog but maybe later. Hahaha. Okay so today I cleaned up the room because I'm gonna move in to the other room which is my very own room, which bring me to the part where I can decorate my own room without have to ask my sister can we do this and that. Hahahaha okay. So yah, while went through my stuff, I found few boxes which I keep until now because it's the presents from Zafri. Hehe.

So yah, my very first birthday that we celebrated together was back to 2010. He came to my house in the middle of the night, which he planned it with my brother. I really was surprised. He gave me a handbag that I keep in the other bag because it's been so long so it's kinda break apart. But I didn't throw it away because I don't want to even it's not in a good condition.

And then he gave me a perfume for our one year anniversary, which he left it in my bag because he had to go back to penang. And guess what I really found it on the right day and not realized it was there. The perfume, that I still keep until now because my kind of bad habit is, I don't use up all the perfume till it finishes. I'll leave it like 2 ml and keep the bottle up till now.

Next, he bought me a phone for my next birthday.

Yupp this one. I still have the phone even it's broken, kind of broken. But I still keep it. And the box too!

Next, we both paid to buy this.

Because it was a thing at that moment. So yah it's ours!

And this one, was the present he gave me back to 2011. I still love it and still use it.

I mean there's more but this gonna be a hell long post then. Haha. This bring me to a part where those girls who wish their boyfriend or whoever special in their life to buy expensive stuff for them, and even some said "every guy should learn so much from him". I know it makes you happy, it makes me happy to receive these kind of presents, but you can't make them to buy those stuff for you, it's up to them. Because we all have been through ups and downs which we don't really afford to buy expensive stuff to make you happy. But with even the smallest thing like belanja makan pun is enough. You should be happy to have them in your life and not because they give you things. You know what I mean right? I mean it's kind of advantage to receive presents etc but ig we stop receiving stuff from them, don't be like "why?!". Just be happy they're now yours. That would be enough. Okay?


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