Saturday, September 27, 2014

First time ever

For the first time ever! Tengok bola kat stadium. Hihihi. Thank you cik abe zafri for the experience! Hehe. I dont even know anything about the football thingy. We went out for the whole day and around 6++ pm he texted me and telling me to get ready and keluar after isya. Yada yada yada sampai stadium. And dah ready dengan ticket tah mana dia dapat tah. I'm not a fan of football, tengok la sometimes kat TV but tak ikut sangat. But bila tengok kat stadium, meriah dia lain macam. Seronok even tak pandai pasal bola. And congratulations Selangor! Haha kbye

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting married? Luls

Thought of doing the tutorial but then "maybe a little break is okay" without even starting yet. So it's not a break, more to procrastination.

I realized that lots of people around me are now starting to talk about getting married. Well, I did. Sometimes I suddenly blurted out "nak kawin ah" in the middle of the class. But actually it's not something that supposed to be an issue. I mean, we're only 21-23 years old. Plus I really wanna get good grades and good job with good salary and buy myself a car and a house. My mom got married at 19 but that doesn't mean I have to get married as soon as possible. Like seriously, how come being single is an issue when all of your living is depending on your parents money. I really wanna earn money by my own, and of course having the grandest wedding reception is one of my dream. But kalau dah sampai jodoh tu lain cerita la. Tapi kalau belum sampai, jangan la duk melalak sedih tak kahwin lagi. It's not a big deal. Bukan macam zaman dulu umur 15 tak kahwin pun anak dara tua dah.

So my point is, bagus la cepat berkahwin but kalau takde jodoh lagi tu, relax je eh.

Dah nak sambung buat kerja. Bye.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cameron Highland

Just got back from Cameron Highland! Sebenarnya pergi sebab ada wedding so it's not really a vacation. Since we've been there like more than 5 times so we skipped the tea whatever thing is. Only went for the strawberry and fruits hunting. Oh sayur and jagung and stuff. And sampai la Shah Alam. Home sweet home! Got class at 8.30 am tomorrow. So gonna hit the bed first and take a nap. Even though i slept all the way to shah alam. But gonna hang out with cik abe for awhile tonight hehe.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


You know when one of the decision you've made and somehow you have this tiny little regret about the decision. Well, it's not tiny little regret ke apa tah, it's quite big ah sebenarnya. As you know I'm studying in uitm currently. But then, I will always wonder what would it be like if I had choose matriculation or UTP instead of uitm. Yes, I was offered a pure science program in Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor which is located in Banting and a one year foundation program of Civil engineering at UTP and also chemical engineering in uitm Penang. I don't really know why I chose uitm over the other two. Maybe because I don't really want to go to matriks. But then I am more into chemical than civil. But the thing is, maybe my life would be much more better in UTP. Maybe la kan. Because the campus is damn nice weh. I just went for the interview suka suka sebenarnya and didn't expect pun dapat tawaran, but bila dapat tu tak pilih tu rasa menyesal sangat sampai sekarang. Because it's UTP. UTP okay. Kalau boleh patah balik masa, memang la aku pergi for sure tak kira dapat any course pun. I have a friend there, yang masa tu kitorang memang pergi saja saja. But then she also got the offer from uitm. But sama course tau, so she chose UTP instead. Aku ni dilemma sebab course dapat semua lain lain. Haih. What to do. Hidup je la dengan decision aku dah buat. Maybe something better is waiting. Think positive je la kan.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One day trip to Malacca

16th of September, 2014.
"jom pergi PD"
"pantai PD tak cantik. Nak jalan jalan KL ke nak pergi melaka?"
"melaka jom".

And tadaaaaa! Zafri and I went for a one day trip to Melaka. It's not like those visiting places kind of trip. It's more to jalan jalan cari makan.
First we went to Jonker Walk. Sampai around 2 pm then pusing punya pusing kat Jonker Walk tu, tak jumpa kedai makan Melayu. So makan dulu onde-onde and minum kelapa bulat ke apa ke tah. Then we walked across the Jonker Walk to Menara Taming Sari, and finally we found the famous Asam Pedas Selera Kampung. Pukul 4 still full house. The foods are marvellous.

Next we went for coconut shake hunting in Klebang. Orang kata sedap sangat coconut shake dia so nak la rasa sedap sangat ke. Haha. Beratur panjang gila, pengsan oi. Sekali rasa... Okay la. Tak la sedap sangat kot sebab dah rasa yang lagi sedap. Hehehe sorry.

Dah habis coconut shake, we went to Park Putra Tandoori & Naan. We had naan cheese and tandoori chicken, sedap gila kalah hakim. Hahaha. Siapa yang pergi Melaka tu, try la, kena try! Puas hati. The journey tak habis lagiii. Seafood pulak malam tu, dekat Ikan Bakar Sungai Duyung. Ramai gila orang tapi service super fast. And aku yang tak makan udang pun, jadi makan udang. Zafri ordered butter garlic prawn, memang bau dia sedap gila tak tipu. Even orang belakang pun tanya udang tu masak apa. Hahaha. Overall puas hati. Senak gila perut. Balik je malam tu, rasa nak tidur je. Sampai rumah pengsan terus. Haha.

Siapa yang baca post ni konon konon nak sangat interesting place to eat ke visit tu ke ha ni ha aku post. Blablabla, bye.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Funny bunny

I wonder why certain people think they need the urge to complain about others. I mean like dude seriously? Plus, I've made this blog and its not mainly for you pun kan. Why bother to read pun anyway? It's not like no you have to read it, you must read every post. Funny isn't it? And then ta dah! Complain complain and complains. This blog is like my not so diary. Because me having the real diary? Have to write on it every page every day? Haha suka hati aku la. Kata pun, it's my life, none of your business. Lawak la korang ni. Kenapa lawak sangat ni? Ee geram pulak, nak cubit la sikit. Okay, yang sakit hati nya engkau orang. Yang suka nya aku. Hahaha dah dah bye bitchachos.

Sunday, September 14, 2014



A little bit update, officially own a matrix card. It was darn awkward because the one who took the picture was a guy, and he was like "okay senyum"  and me eheh yes senyum. And then, "kita gelap kan sikit ehh gambar ni" Because it was too bright ke apa i don't know and tadaaaaa yellow-ish skin color -_-" awesomeeeeeee.

Oh btw, already got my muet result. Hehehehe. It was okay. But then I got 2 points lesser than Zafri's. Then, he started on his speech "Tak British sangat la you ni speaking". Whatever and whatever. So most of my friends also achieved band 4. Congratulations everyone! Yeay! Let's partayyyy. At least we did remember apa Mr Liaw practiced during the whole debate thing in every class. It's good.

That's all then for now. So daa!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

About me,


So I've been tagged by a friend of mine about those 20 facts about me. And i didn't write the whole thing because it's gonna be damn long. Since I've nothing much to do right now *liar liar she's on fire*, saja nak buat kat blog. Because one of my fav things to do Masa zaman MySpace dulu la kan, was to post surveys on the bulletin side tu.

So here you go,

1. Well let's start with the basic one, my name is Siti Nur Aqila binti Razali. Almost everyone call me as Qila. Or I prefer Aqila to not-so-close group of people.

2. My birthdate is on 22nd of March, '93. Yes, 21 years old.

3. Live in Shah Alam. And am not planning to move out no matter what the reason is.

4. I'm into art and photography. But further my study in science stream.

5. I don't know how to make friends, and almost everyone thought that I am 'sombong'.

6. Try to take what's mine or interfere with my life, you'll get what you deserve.

7. I have this favourite bracelet, been wearing it for almost 4 years.

8. Bukan anak manja. Or my parents' fav daughter.

9. Spend my time outside more than at home. Since standard 4. Sebab tak rapat langsung dengan family so I prefer not to stay at home. *Konon konon independent *

10. Start pakai tudung since I was in form 5, alhamdulillah until now, before that on off.

11. I prefer wearing men's clothes rather than women's sebab besar and selesa gila nak mati and lagi cantik.

12. Suka sangat pergi holiday but parents suka pergi sorang sorang. So made a list to go, which akan pergi sendiri. Hehehe.

13. Don't bring me flowers, bring me good foods. *ini Zafri memang pandai gila bab bab bagi makan. Happy tummy*

14. Once I hate you, I'll hate you forever. And FYI, even your grammar mistakes pun or even you're breathing pun annoyed me enough. *even though I'm not good in English, but who cares if you're poorer than me*

15. I don't really watch TV, so no I don't know the latest news unless it appears on my twitter time line.

16. I'll wear what ever I wanna wear. But no, will never pakai tudung bunga atas kepala tu or flower crown tu kalau takde any event yang memerlukan. Which I hardly find one. And no peplum. And yes to kebaya!

17. Sangat selekeh bila pakai flip-flops dengan skinny or straight cut. Rasa macam rempit. Sorry not sorry.

18. I can wear both heels and flats or sneakers. But prefer sneakers and boots.

19. Takde favourite tudung, shawl ke bawal ke, aku pakai je ikut mana sempat. Even syria pun aku pakai.

20. Used to be involved in extreme activities. Tak extreme mana sangat. And planning on to be back on track. Tunggu.

Tadaaaaaa! Siap. Dah bye.

Almost there

Suppp yo! Hehe

Went to Penang few days ago, did all the clearance stuff. So yes, not so officially graduated since my graduation is in November, if I'm not mistaken. Half graduated. Half way more to go! And yes everyone is now updating about their journey to shah alam. So okay, welcome everyone! Will be staying at home, so byebye kolej. And gonna get my driving license really soon, because nak harap kan Zafri je drive susah jugak kan. I mean, aku yang susah nak keluar sorang. Hahahaha. Even after like err 5 years? Tak sampai rasanya. Tapi setia tau drive kan kita. Terima kasih daun keladi! Hihi.

So yeah, have a safe journey everyone. Good to see you guys after few months of holiday. Drive safely! Nanti aku sibuk sibuk kat kolej eh. Kalau rajin la kann. Hahahaha