Sunday, September 14, 2014



A little bit update, officially own a matrix card. It was darn awkward because the one who took the picture was a guy, and he was like "okay senyum"  and me eheh yes senyum. And then, "kita gelap kan sikit ehh gambar ni" Because it was too bright ke apa i don't know and tadaaaaa yellow-ish skin color -_-" awesomeeeeeee.

Oh btw, already got my muet result. Hehehehe. It was okay. But then I got 2 points lesser than Zafri's. Then, he started on his speech "Tak British sangat la you ni speaking". Whatever and whatever. So most of my friends also achieved band 4. Congratulations everyone! Yeay! Let's partayyyy. At least we did remember apa Mr Liaw practiced during the whole debate thing in every class. It's good.

That's all then for now. So daa!

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