Thursday, September 4, 2014

Almost there

Suppp yo! Hehe

Went to Penang few days ago, did all the clearance stuff. So yes, not so officially graduated since my graduation is in November, if I'm not mistaken. Half graduated. Half way more to go! And yes everyone is now updating about their journey to shah alam. So okay, welcome everyone! Will be staying at home, so byebye kolej. And gonna get my driving license really soon, because nak harap kan Zafri je drive susah jugak kan. I mean, aku yang susah nak keluar sorang. Hahahaha. Even after like err 5 years? Tak sampai rasanya. Tapi setia tau drive kan kita. Terima kasih daun keladi! Hihi.

So yeah, have a safe journey everyone. Good to see you guys after few months of holiday. Drive safely! Nanti aku sibuk sibuk kat kolej eh. Kalau rajin la kann. Hahahaha

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