Monday, September 15, 2014

Funny bunny

I wonder why certain people think they need the urge to complain about others. I mean like dude seriously? Plus, I've made this blog and its not mainly for you pun kan. Why bother to read pun anyway? It's not like no you have to read it, you must read every post. Funny isn't it? And then ta dah! Complain complain and complains. This blog is like my not so diary. Because me having the real diary? Have to write on it every page every day? Haha suka hati aku la. Kata pun, it's my life, none of your business. Lawak la korang ni. Kenapa lawak sangat ni? Ee geram pulak, nak cubit la sikit. Okay, yang sakit hati nya engkau orang. Yang suka nya aku. Hahaha dah dah bye bitchachos.

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