Thursday, September 4, 2014

About me,


So I've been tagged by a friend of mine about those 20 facts about me. And i didn't write the whole thing because it's gonna be damn long. Since I've nothing much to do right now *liar liar she's on fire*, saja nak buat kat blog. Because one of my fav things to do Masa zaman MySpace dulu la kan, was to post surveys on the bulletin side tu.

So here you go,

1. Well let's start with the basic one, my name is Siti Nur Aqila binti Razali. Almost everyone call me as Qila. Or I prefer Aqila to not-so-close group of people.

2. My birthdate is on 22nd of March, '93. Yes, 21 years old.

3. Live in Shah Alam. And am not planning to move out no matter what the reason is.

4. I'm into art and photography. But further my study in science stream.

5. I don't know how to make friends, and almost everyone thought that I am 'sombong'.

6. Try to take what's mine or interfere with my life, you'll get what you deserve.

7. I have this favourite bracelet, been wearing it for almost 4 years.

8. Bukan anak manja. Or my parents' fav daughter.

9. Spend my time outside more than at home. Since standard 4. Sebab tak rapat langsung dengan family so I prefer not to stay at home. *Konon konon independent *

10. Start pakai tudung since I was in form 5, alhamdulillah until now, before that on off.

11. I prefer wearing men's clothes rather than women's sebab besar and selesa gila nak mati and lagi cantik.

12. Suka sangat pergi holiday but parents suka pergi sorang sorang. So made a list to go, which akan pergi sendiri. Hehehe.

13. Don't bring me flowers, bring me good foods. *ini Zafri memang pandai gila bab bab bagi makan. Happy tummy*

14. Once I hate you, I'll hate you forever. And FYI, even your grammar mistakes pun or even you're breathing pun annoyed me enough. *even though I'm not good in English, but who cares if you're poorer than me*

15. I don't really watch TV, so no I don't know the latest news unless it appears on my twitter time line.

16. I'll wear what ever I wanna wear. But no, will never pakai tudung bunga atas kepala tu or flower crown tu kalau takde any event yang memerlukan. Which I hardly find one. And no peplum. And yes to kebaya!

17. Sangat selekeh bila pakai flip-flops dengan skinny or straight cut. Rasa macam rempit. Sorry not sorry.

18. I can wear both heels and flats or sneakers. But prefer sneakers and boots.

19. Takde favourite tudung, shawl ke bawal ke, aku pakai je ikut mana sempat. Even syria pun aku pakai.

20. Used to be involved in extreme activities. Tak extreme mana sangat. And planning on to be back on track. Tunggu.

Tadaaaaaa! Siap. Dah bye.

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