Thursday, September 18, 2014


You know when one of the decision you've made and somehow you have this tiny little regret about the decision. Well, it's not tiny little regret ke apa tah, it's quite big ah sebenarnya. As you know I'm studying in uitm currently. But then, I will always wonder what would it be like if I had choose matriculation or UTP instead of uitm. Yes, I was offered a pure science program in Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor which is located in Banting and a one year foundation program of Civil engineering at UTP and also chemical engineering in uitm Penang. I don't really know why I chose uitm over the other two. Maybe because I don't really want to go to matriks. But then I am more into chemical than civil. But the thing is, maybe my life would be much more better in UTP. Maybe la kan. Because the campus is damn nice weh. I just went for the interview suka suka sebenarnya and didn't expect pun dapat tawaran, but bila dapat tu tak pilih tu rasa menyesal sangat sampai sekarang. Because it's UTP. UTP okay. Kalau boleh patah balik masa, memang la aku pergi for sure tak kira dapat any course pun. I have a friend there, yang masa tu kitorang memang pergi saja saja. But then she also got the offer from uitm. But sama course tau, so she chose UTP instead. Aku ni dilemma sebab course dapat semua lain lain. Haih. What to do. Hidup je la dengan decision aku dah buat. Maybe something better is waiting. Think positive je la kan.

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