Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting married? Luls

Thought of doing the tutorial but then "maybe a little break is okay" without even starting yet. So it's not a break, more to procrastination.

I realized that lots of people around me are now starting to talk about getting married. Well, I did. Sometimes I suddenly blurted out "nak kawin ah" in the middle of the class. But actually it's not something that supposed to be an issue. I mean, we're only 21-23 years old. Plus I really wanna get good grades and good job with good salary and buy myself a car and a house. My mom got married at 19 but that doesn't mean I have to get married as soon as possible. Like seriously, how come being single is an issue when all of your living is depending on your parents money. I really wanna earn money by my own, and of course having the grandest wedding reception is one of my dream. But kalau dah sampai jodoh tu lain cerita la. Tapi kalau belum sampai, jangan la duk melalak sedih tak kahwin lagi. It's not a big deal. Bukan macam zaman dulu umur 15 tak kahwin pun anak dara tua dah.

So my point is, bagus la cepat berkahwin but kalau takde jodoh lagi tu, relax je eh.

Dah nak sambung buat kerja. Bye.

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