Sunday, January 25, 2015

Semester break

Hello !

I'm now in the middle of semester break. So yes, the final exam has already ended. I had 5 papers only for final, out of 8 subjects kot. Tak ingat la. My very first paper was on the 2nd day of 2nd week of final exam and my last paper was on the 4th day of 3rd week. Awesome isnt it?

Went to Malacca for the 2nd time with Zaff. Thats how we kind of celebrate the end of final exams. And now I end up to be having movie marathons every single day which I am now almost run out of movies. Thanks to the fast internet connection, and popcorntime. Hahaha. So I might be having series marathons after this. Nope, I only go out at night, surprisingly. So sister was like "wow angah kat rumah". and mum was like "ye, malam je dia keluar. so tak rasa pun macam dia keluar".

I'm gonna register for L yeay ! And P after pass the L test. Like finally right. Because Zafri have to go for his practical and my friends were like "ambik laaa lesen Qilaaaaa". And I'll go for manual driving license ! Because then I'll have more cars to drive :b okay whatever.


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