Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You say whaat?

So today I came across the talk about how the educational institutions affect the students. For instance, a good educational institution will produce good students in every aspects. I, somehow do not agree on this. I am one of the uitm students, well some of you may know, some may not that the uitm has always been labelled as a low class educational institution for those students from other universities. Lots of this kind of talks have gone viral and they always end up saying "lol uitm students pantang di usik". You know, no matter how good your institution is, the fact that they're still not able to educate your "kind" of students, trust me, you still have a long way to go sir. Being one of the university students that you are proud of, doesn't mean you're as good as the institution. They may be produced international level of students, but you're not one of them. Being the keyboard warrior will not ensure that you will even finish your study. Until you hold the the scroll, until u beat all the students you said aren't as good as you're, until you actually got the job, your talk is cheap. Oh boy, please. Those without the scroll are even more successful than you are now. They earn triple than you can. Don't discriminate people as you wish. You will never know how your life will end. *peace*


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