Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Relationship goals?

It has been awhile. Hello !

So the "best boyfriend" topic is back on top again. And again, the same person. In my opinion, like its up to him to buy whatever he wants for his girlfriend. Stop with the "tah tah jodoh orang lain", "kalau tak kahwin tak tau la". I mean come on, eventhough the price of the phones is equivalent to the cost of the engagement ceremony, its not like those who already got engaged will for sure have their happy endings. *for some*. So like whatever, okay?

The problem is now with the girls. When a guy gives you a phone as a present, that is not a goal. Goal is what you're trying to achieve or to do. and expecting presents from guys is not a goal ! Be realistic girls ! What happened to the "intelligent", "brave", "successful", and "independent"? And relationship is not only guys treat girls. I dont do that kind of relationship. That shows how weak girls are. You need a phone? work for it, buy one for yourself. Just in case he gives you one, even how much it costs, be thankful. Thats it. What a shallow mind set you people have?! Relationship goals? Be faithful, and get married once you achieve all of your dreams. Or maybe kawin la awal kee tak kesah la, And of course, till jannah. Good family, with good kids, be happy with whatever you have, and be nice to each other. And travel the world. Experience things together. That is goal. Not getting a surprise on your birthday. That is called luck. 

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