Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hello, everyone !

So an old friend of mine is officially married. And Zafri's also like few weeks ago. Its so nice to go to weddings and see these people are so happy being together. Like they've found their happiness ! Congratulations ! May god bless you all and good luck being together and be happy of course !

When i was looking at them, i was wondering what would make me to make that kind of decision because i am so not ready for that kind of commitment. You know, I've seen few people got married after school, and some are happily together and some decided to not stay together after few years of marriage. To be honest, I dont wanna take that risk. Because i only wanna get married once. And stay together till i die. Like its not gonna be forever, but i still wanna spend the rest of my life with my future husband of course. Friends keep on "bila nak kawin nii". I think the right answer is I'm still waiting for the moment like "this is it, this is what i want for the rest of my life and I'll do anything to work things out". And i have not yet found it.

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