Saturday, August 23, 2014

A night to remember,

Hello people!

Okay, I'm soooo tired. Went for an open house this afternoon. And now just got back from a dinner at Publika. Oh ohh highlight of the day, Zafri finally introduced me to his friends or vice versa. And thank you to Zafri's friend for the dinner treat *Haha whatever even tak baca pun* and congratulation for you guys engagement. Hehe. Ohh yes, his friends are much older from me of course and Zafri himself because these guys aren't those from high school or uitm, semua dah kerja so that's why I called them kawan kawan tua. Hahaha. So I was like the youngest person among them all. Yes, awkward like super duper awkward. But everything was okay I guess. Hahahaha hell no, as always, I'm being me, the horrible person on earth when it comes to this sesi suai kenal. But yes, siapa tak malu gila jumpa like 12 people at once? You tell me? Hahaha. It's more to like getting approval from his friends for being his girlfriend *even almost after 5 years*. Yes.

Still regret about everything. Haih

Thank you,

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