Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Oh hello everyone

Like I said before, i owned two blogs before but decided to delete both of the blogs. I used to post my kind of personal stuffs and one of the reason to delete both blogs because I saw this post of mine which had been copied and pasted to other social network. So from that moment, i dont really post my personal stuffs as in cintan cintun post or whatever they called as 'a samad said stuffs'. So whatever thing that I wrote or write in the future its not gonna be based on my personal stuffs or life or whatever. Most of it may come from other people lives or experience *friends etc* or movies or series episodes. Kalau yang ala ala dear diary based on daily life tu ada la but not gonna tell in detail whats going on in my life. Just to be clear. Because i just realized that since my blog is open to public, so there's lots of people that going to be judgemental or busybody or whatever after read whatever things I've wrote. So I've decided to not expose my life to everyone since not everyone that do care and most of them are just curious. So no, dont judge my life based on my blog. Because i might be writing someone else's story on my blog without mentioning the real person. Of course, duhh.

Thank you.

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