Wednesday, August 20, 2014


So I've been thinking on taking out all the clothes that I own, and reorganise my stuffs. I've been wearing the same outfit like I don't know since semester 1 of my diploma I guess. So before I go for my-degree-outfit-shopping, i guess this is what I should do. All the dresses, jeans, high waisted, cardigan, shirts, shoes, bags etc need to be mix and match again so that they all look just like new stuff. I really need to stop repeating wearing the same outfit in the same week. I'll be staying at home so running out of clothes is not really an excuse. The worst thing that, I own few clothes that I dont really confident to put them on.  Like the flat high cut boots. It makes my feet look even larger. And I'm the type of person that not willing to let go of my things even I don't use them for years. I'll find a place to keep my stuff so that I dont have to throw or sell them away. And my sister being the kindest person ever as usual, will always be the person who like to throw away my stuff. Such as my dresses, tops, and my jumpsuit which was given by my mother! So upsetting. Blugh. So yah, wish me luck.

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