Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cheesy weesy

It's 1.55 am. Just got back from subang parade. Watched lucy, it's quite okay, not a good movie as in not as good as it seemed to be in the trailer. So yah. Whatevs.

You know that feeling of the love have been magnified. Which you suddenly become more not willing to lose anyone in your life and you start to being over sensitive. Every text, phone calls, conversations have become more meaningful, plus you keep on asking yourself "what would do without her/him". Yes, I'm in this very particular state. I used to be the sensitive person since I was a little kid. I cried every night with the thought of losing my parents one day. And not that I'm being heartless now, it just that I'm occupying myself with whatever thing is. We all do to deny our feelings. We tend to forget those things that scare us or hunt us and pretend to be the strongest person. But we all know that it just a matter of time till we fall. The thought of losing anyone in my life even those people I barely know, it's sad how short life is. How easy to lose anyone. I even late few minutes the moment my grandfather passed away and I regret every seconds I wasted. Just don't. We plan for the future, but we'll never know what future holds for us.

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