Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yes, you.

You're an actress
Pretend to be good
Telling everyone what I did wrong
Victimizing yourself

You know what he said?
"I was playing around
I was bored, she's nothing"
And even worse.
Have I told you that?
Nope, I did not.

It's my fault
Trying to fix what's broken
Because of you... And him
And now stop.
You've no idea
What I'm dealing with
What I've been through before
What I did and willing to do.

What have you done?
Even you know who I am
And what I am?
Now you're telling me,
What's right and wrong?
Do you need a doctor?

Don't go around
And telling shits about me
When you're the one who did wrong
You don't even know me
I did for a reason,
And you're the reason why.

Do me a favor,
Go away
And never come back
You're nothing
Not more than nothing.

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