Friday, October 24, 2014

Braces survey hahahaha

1. What are you getting corrected with your braces? Example: underbite, overbite, teeth straightening, etc.

Teeth straightening

2. Please rate the scale of pain, if any, you had getting your braces put on.

Horrid pain!

3. When getting braces put on how long did you have to keep your mouth open. Please give a estimate of time.

Hahaha the heck.

4. How long did it hurt after getting your braces put on. Please provide a number of days below.

Like months? Duhh

5. Please rate the pain level for having your braces tightened?

Infinity luls

6. What food restrictions do you have? Please list all.

None. Well at first I can't eat anything other than porridge. So yah.

7. Did you ever break food restrictions.


8. How many months did/do you have to wear your braces?

Almost 4 years.

9. Once your braces are removed will you have to have further orthodontic work?


10. How much did/will your braces cost?

Hahahahahaha sibuk je nak tau

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