Friday, October 10, 2014

A big LOL,

I'm still trying as hardest as I can to finish up my lab reports. So I'm taking a break after screwing all the infos I have and all the website pages I've searched. Haha. So recently people keep on asking me when am I about to get married. I know it seems inappropriate to go out like every day and the whole day of the everyday. But my dear, to get married you have to put your full commitment. Plus, I'm not gonna get married by using my parents' money. I mean how much do you think money that I have in my accounts? It's a good thing to be married at such young age. Not all have the chance that you have, and plus I put studies as my priorities and to get stable job and life is a must. I don't wanna get married with nothing. From what I've heard there's a good thing about getting married early and there's the bad things to. For some girls, complaining "laaa nak kena masak keee". It's not like you have to be the best cook to get married but tak nak ke bagi husband makan apa kita masak? Right? And bukan masak je, kalau bangun pagi pun matahari dah terpacak tu, ada hati nak kahwin ke? I'm such an old fashion when it comes to marriage things. I've my own opinion. That is why you have to prepare yourself before going into marriage life. Orang kata nanti boleh belajar, from what I've seen, perempuan yang tak pandai masak tu, sampai ke tua tak masak kat rumah. Memang la tak semua macam tu but most of them are. So shut the topic off. I'm gonna focus on my studies first and get a good job with good pays of course, get things my parents deserve, buy myself a car and a house. Then comes marriage. Studies and family always come first. But of course, we're going towards the way. It's not like we're going to stay in this kind of relationship forever. I'm happy to see that he's making efforts to actually move our relationship to the next level, and of course I want both of us to be succeed in whatever we're going after for. Till then, tunggu je la invitation card sampai.

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