Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stop right there

I'm not sure whether dragging your best friend into what you did wrong is so "matured" thing to do. I mean c'mon it's so high school. I was in the situation where "you mess with my bestfriend, you mess with me" kinda situation. No matter what he/she does, you'll always be on their sides even if it's wrong. It's not only a bestfriend, it's best friends, yes with the s. What I meant by its so high school because only high school students did that. Tak tau la kalau dulu masa sekolah lame nak mati ke apa perempuan ni kan so lambat sangat nak go through all the dramas, sampai degree baru nak merasa.

Like seriously, all the stalking stuff tu semua? Blurgh. I did all that la weh so I know better. Stalk orang sambil on the phone with best friends, stalk every conversation, every pictures, blogs, and even gaduh online ni semua dah pernah jadi, Each person each tab. Okay? So whatever. I've come to a point where I don't even care to drag everyone to care about my problem. So called grown up kan, so deal with it alone ah. Ni ajak satu kampung apa benda minah. The heck? Just go back to where you're belong to. Not here for sure.

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