Saturday, July 26, 2014



So yah, i was having a conversation with my mum and blablabla, so i was like, "ma family kita asal mana actually?". Then she said my late great grandfather was from melaka while great grandmother is perakian. Which sempadan perak and near to selangor. So my grandparents live in selangor which is because my grandmother is selangorian. Yupp thats how we ended to be in selangor.

While from father's side, my late grandfather was from Melaka, and late grandmother was selangorian, so my father have been staying in shah alam since I'm not so sure, but high school, i guess. Err from what he told me before, something like that.

So i guess, our family more to melaka and selangor side since both mama's and ayah's family are originally from melaka and selangor. I dont know, somethig like that. Like zafri said "patut mulut jahat, orang melaka". But actually I'm not. Durhh

And in the end, all of my father's relatives are now staying in shah alam or nearby. And mama's too. While grandparents from my mum's side live in Sabak Bernam and nope, my family aren't javanese. I've told Zafri like thousands times. Blurgh. But grandfather can speak in banjar and understand banjar very well eventho i have no idea at all.

So yah, we always end up to celebrate raya in shah alam since semua kat sini. Thats why i never actually stuck in traffic congestion during hari raya and spend hours in car.

Thats all. Toodles!

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